Mobile Matters

Meet your customers - and your staff - where they already are: on mobile. Firelight can help with both sides of that coin!

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Service Packages

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our basic packages to get an idea of what we can do for you, and how that might work.

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Shining a light is what we do

Still not sure how Firelight can help your business? Let's schedule a call to discuss what we can do for you!

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Firelight Explains

Demystifying lingo & simplifying complicated tech topics - check out our latest blog posts!

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Web & Social Media

It’s been a long time since we bought anything, hired anyone, or went anywhere without searching online first – and we’re not alone! More and…

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How it works

Modernizing your business can be an intimidating process, but we will go out of our way to ensure everything is as easy as humanly…

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Operations & Management

How does your business work? How do you manage communications and contact details? How do you manage workload, project management, expenses, HR and payroll,…

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Why you need Firelight…

Technology and the internet are evolving faster and faster – apps to iPads, tablets to Twitter. Every day there’s something new to keep up with – it can be exhausting! Keeping up is mission critical for your business, because your customers are using all that new technology – and using it to find someone else’s business instead of yours.

Sure, you have email, you use Facebook…but do you even need a website? There may be an app for that, but your head spins just thinking about it. And what is that cloud thing?

Firelight can help. We speak tech, and we can translate all those buzzwords into plain English. We can look at everything from your web presence to your management structure, your social media usage policy to your mobile technology platform…and optimize it all through the lens of:

    • Modernization
    • Efficiency
    • Efficacy
    • Professionalism
    • Industry best practices

…and we always keep an eye on the bottom line. We know what it’s like to deliver a tall order on a shoestring budget, and we want to help stretch every penny into a solid return on your investment.

What We Actually Do

As “consultants,” we do lots of different things for different clients. Here, we’re going to outline a few working scenarios that come up as we work with businesses to improve and modernize. This is a small slice of our capabilities – what we actually do is help you identify your needs, and come up with a plan to meet them.

New Tablets For Everybody

A potential client is interested in getting all staff members working on tablets from the field. They’re looking for help finding the…

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A New Digital Filing System

For this scenario, our client is interested in the possibility of getting rid of his paper files, and keep all important business…

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No Web Presence Whatsoever

In this case, the client has zero existing web presence. Here’s how we would fix that:  Once the site was up and…

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An Outdated Website

In this scenario, we have a client with a website that was designed nearly a decade ago, and hasn’t been updated since….

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Bridging the Gap

Way back in the dark ages before the internet was everywhere, there was this commercial that pitched the idea of calling before you went somewhere – to make sure the business was still open, to see if they had what you wanted in stock, to check the weather or if they took Discover cards. That commercial is dated not only by the haircuts and the cars, but also because more and more, we use our phones not to “phone first,” but to Google first.

That shift from phone calls to web searches is only going to become more and more pronounced as consumer demographics shift to people who didn’t grow up with a landline in the house. Businesses that have never before considered social media and where they land on a page of search results will need to think about their web presence if they want to pull in a new generation of customers.

That’s where Firelight comes in! We help bridge the gap from “phone first” to “Google first,” no matter where your business is in that process.

Reach out today to start talking about how Firelight can help!