Bridging the Gap

Way back in the dark ages before the internet was everywhere, there was this commercial that pitched the idea of calling before you went somewhere – to make sure the business was still open, to see if they had what you wanted in stock, to check the weather or if they took Discover cards. That commercial is dated not only by the haircuts and the cars, but also because more and more, we use our phones not to “phone first,” but to Google first.

That shift from phone calls to web searches is only going to become more and more pronounced as consumer demographics shift to people who didn’t grow up with a landline in the house. Businesses that have never before considered social media and where they land on a page of search results will need to think about their web presence if they want to pull in a new generation of customers.

That’s where Firelight comes in! We help bridge the gap from “phone first” to “Google first,” no matter where your business is in that process.

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