Mobile Technology

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This is a big deal. You might not be happy about it, but we guarantee a significant portion, if not an outright majority, of your customers are doing business on a smartphone or a tablet – and your employees probably do, too! And you know as well as we do that things are becoming more and more mobile, not less.[/column_content]

Firelight can help both sides of that equation.

Customer Experience

Optimizing your customer experience for mobile means:
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  • making sure your website is 100% responsive, so it looks good on any screen – every operating system, every orientation, every browser
  • making sure your e-commerce integrations keep mobile in mind
  • making sure your navigation and website function is mobile-friendly
  • [/unordered_list]When you’re set up for mobile, your customers are more likely to buy: 78% of mobile business searches result in a purchase! Don’t miss another sale – let Firelight revamp your site with mobile in mind.

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    Mobile Technology – Web Services

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  • Website Analysis
    We’ll review your site specifically with an eye for responsiveness and mobile-first functionality.
  • Website Revamp or Creation
    We’ll overhaul your existing site or create a new one, ensuring its responsiveness across all devices and platforms.
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    It’s likely, if not certain, that you and all of your employees have smartphones. If you’re running a small business, you’re probably working in more places than just the office, and more than 9-to-5. Teaming with major cell phone carriers to implement internet anywhere, on devices that go everywhere, means your business takes advantage of regularly upgraded technology and billions of dollars and decades of investment in reliable mobile networks.

    Transitioning from static to mobile workstations also means “there’s an app” for virtually anything you need your business to do. Whether you’re using Android or iOS (or you’re not sure what those words mean), new applications show up every day that can help manage sales, inventory, scheduling, customer service, communication, logistics, invoicing, time tracking, accounting, and just about any other business function. Why invest in new computers, new networks, new training, and new IT staff when you can save time and money by fully utilizing the equipment you already provide and your workers already use?

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    Mobile Technology – Operational Services

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  • Mobile Technology Analysis & Strategy Creation
    We’ll review your existing mobile technology usage, and devise a cost-effective way to maximize your use of mobile platforms, streamline operational processes, and save you time and money in the process.
  • Mobile Technology Strategy Implementation
    We can coordinate with your management teams to implement a mobile technology strategy across your teams, including any necessary training and hardware setup.
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