New Tablets For Everybody

A potential client is interested in getting all staff members working on tablets from the field. They’re looking for help finding the right technology, setting up the right working apps on each device, and making sure their staff know how to get their work done.

It’s a tall order, but the basic workflow would go like this:

  • make sure we have a crystal clear understanding of budget constraints, necessary functionality, and what exactly each team member will need to be able to accomplish
  • research devices, apps, and integrations as needed
  • produce device and app recommendations
  • craft a device and app profile based on the client’s decisions
  • coordinate device procurement, set up each device with the app profile
  • issue devices to staff as needed, including developing and maintaining inventory tracking
  • train staff as needed (including group training and individual coaching)

Once the device transition was complete, Firelight would offer to train a staff member to procure and set up new devices, coordinate device repairs, or implement updates to the app profile across the company.