Special: Portfolio Sites

Looking for an easy way to get your portfolio online?

We have the solution! Firelight has harnessed the power of social media, mobile tech, and web apps to create the simplest way to build a regularly updated, easy-to-maintain portfolio website! Perfect for:
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  • photographers and other visual artists
  • artisans and craftspeople
  • independent chefs and bakers
  • pop-up shops and mobile sales carts
  • hairstylists, fashion designers, and models
  • musicians and actors
  • [/unordered_list]
    …or anyone else who needs an online portfolio of their work, but doesn’t want to invest in a full-scale custom website – because websites are for #EverybodyEveryBusiness!

    Adding new content is as easy as pulling up a social media app on your phone, snapping a picture (or video!), and posting it through the app; everything else is automated. You’ll never have to figure out a new interface or get your laptop out to post!

    Firelight makes it easy!

    Hire us to build your portfolio site, and you’ll get:
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  • an initial meeting to assess your needs and walk through options
  • custom domain setup
  • customized theme, integrating your branding or style choices
  • custom-built bio page with photo
  • built-in contact form
  • account setup and integration at three component web services
  • app installation and setup on your mobile device
  • up to 10 initial posts (content provided by you)
  • hands-on training
  • reference materials, including best practices
  • [/unordered_list]
    …not to mention the personal service, smart solutions, and witty repartee you’ve come to expect from Firelight!

    What will it actually look like?

    Check out our sample portfolio site, designed with a tattoo artist in mind.

    How is this better than just using Instagram?

    Well, this portfolio site will include custom styling, a custom bio page, a custom domain, and a built-in contact page…none of which exist on Instagram.

    This won’t have the flexibility and functionality of a full-scale custom website, but it’s a low-cost alternative and a great way to take a step beyond social media in terms of online presence.

    Just how low is that cost?

    Custom websites cost thousands of dollars, but we’re currently offering these portfolio sites at the discounted rate of $500 each.

    We don’t normally publish our rates, because we pride ourselves on customizing packages for each client – but we think EVERYBODY should have access to professional help in setting up their web presence, and this is a way we can do it!

    Contact Firelight to get yours today!