Why you need Firelight…

Technology and the internet are evolving faster and faster – apps to iPads, tablets to Twitter. Every day there’s something new to keep up with – it can be exhausting! Keeping up is mission critical for your business, because your customers are using all that new technology – and using it to find someone else’s business instead of yours.

Sure, you have email, you use Facebook…but do you even need a website? There may be an app for that, but your head spins just thinking about it. And what is that cloud thing?

Firelight can help. We speak tech, and we can translate all those buzzwords into plain English. We can look at everything from your web presence to your management structure, your social media usage policy to your mobile technology platform…and optimize it all through the lens of:
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  • Modernization
  • Efficiency
  • Efficacy
  • Professionalism
  • Industry best practices


…and we always keep an eye on the bottom line. We know what it’s like to deliver a tall order on a shoestring budget, and we want to help stretch every penny into a solid return on your investment.

[heading underline=”yes” align=”left”]What We Actually Do[/heading]

As “consultants,” we do lots of different things for different clients. Here, we’re going to outline a few working scenarios that come up as we work with businesses to improve and modernize. This is a small slice of our capabilities – what we actually do is help you identify your needs, and come up with a plan to meet them.


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